San Diego Trails: Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail

San Diego Trails: Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail

Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail is a real adventure from start to finish. You can go on horseback, saddle up your mountain bike (hmm, I think I got that the wrong way around) or just take a leisurely stroll.  It’s only around 4 miles so it’s not too taxing, although some of it is quite steep so it gets tricky, especially as the light is fading.

You can join the Sweetwater Reservoir Trail in a few different places along the south side of the reservoir, but the official “beginning” is just off San Miguel Road, Bonita at the Sweetwater Regional Park, so if you want to do things properly you should go there first.

The Sweetwater Reservoir Trail is a great place to let the family run off a little steam, with a wide open shady area perfect for letting the kids off the leash, as well as the family pet! It’s also home to many different species of wildlife, any twitchers will love the variety of birds on offer, as well as the Arroyo Southwestern toad – ssssh, you might be able to hear them if you’re quiet.

There are numerous benches dotted along the waters edge where you can stop, catch your breath and drink in the fabulous views.  One little word of warning though – you will need to take your own water with you as there aren’t any fountains along the trail, and make sure you “go” before you go, because there aren’t any restrooms either and you don’t want to get caught short, all that trickling water can have a funny effect on you sometimes.

And here it is by mountain bike!

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