San Diego Trails: San Pasqual Valley Trail

San Diego Trails: San Pasqual Valley Trail

San Pasqual Valley Trail sweeps its way through a historic valley which has changed very little over the last 200 years or so, and you can kind of feel the history as you hike along the trail.  The Indians farmed this area for generations until the pioneers in the 19th century brought machinery, refrigeration and transportation . . . a recipe for commercial success.  As you can imagine much of the trail is dirt road (well it would be wouldn’t it), with 11,000 glorious acres, much of it still being farmed to this day.

San Pasqual Valley Trail is pretty easy to negotiate, it just sort of meanders along, although there’s a bit of a climb after the first mile or so and the views from Raptor Ridge are pretty breathtaking, continue for a couple of miles and you’ll come cross a well placed picnic area, the perfect spot to sit, munch and admire the view.  If you turn around here it’ll make a trail of around 4 miles round-trip (a couple of hours) but if you continue along the trail it is just a little less than 9 miles one way. It just depends on how much time and energy you’ve got!

Finding the San Pasqual Valley Trail

San Pasqual Valley Trail starts, not surprisingly, near San Pasqual Valley Road and Bandy Canyon Road, near Route 78, the first couple of miles actually follows Bandy Canyon Road.  It’s a pretty easy trail to hike along, although it does get a little more difficult in places. All in all it’s a great place to take in some much needed fresh air and exercise.

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