San Diego Trails: San Dieguito County Park

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San Diego Trails: San Dieguito County Park

San Dieguito County Park really does have a feel of the old west about it and thoughts of childhood come winging back to you when you first clap eyes on one of the two old wooden suspension bridges for starters. They’re great for the young, and the young at heart, but that’s not all, watch out for one of the lookout towers along the trail, best climb up and check out whether there are any injuns in the hills, you never can tell you know.

San Dieguitos County Park is just a great place where you can take the kids for a little fun and exercise, while learning all about the wonderful plants and critturs which live around the place. There are signs dotted about the place teaching you all about the native plants in the chapparel habitat, as well as the people who lived there long ago.  You really do feel like adventurers in the wonderful park surroundings, but don’t worry, it’s only about 125 acres so you’re unlikely to get lost for long. You’ll delight in the wonderful fragrance of sage drifting through the air, and watch as the butterflies and humming birds gather their precious nectar (if you go at the right time of the year).

It’ll cost you $3 to park there all day long, and although the 2 miles or so of trails will only take you around an hour and a half, you might want to stay much longer, it’s entirely up to you. Pick up a map at the park entrance to make sure that you don’ t miss out on a single thing during your visit.

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