San Diego Trails: Rose Canyon Trail

San Diego Trails: Rose Canyon Trail

Rose Canyon Trail is one of those fantastic places you can enjoy, a little bit of country that’s in the city! Even true city slickers like to get a little “countrified” every now and then, and at Rose Canyon you can do just that without ever having to leave the city so you really do get the best of both worlds.

Rose Canyon Trail is a path of around 2 miles long (four miles round trip), so it’s long enough for a good walk without being too taxing on the old legs, and is in the heart of University City, a little west of Interstate 5 between La Jolla Colony Drive and Genesee Avenue. You can park by the University City High School on weekends and holidays.  It offers a great place to walk or run, and even though many gardens back onto the ridge above trail you still feel like you’re in the remote countryside. Now, you might be forgiven for expecting to see plenty of roses along Rose Canyon Trail, but think again because there aren’t any, but there are plenty of wild flowers and wild mustard seeds, there’s a lovely creek too, but watch out and stick to the paths – rattlesnakes live here and they were here first so need plenty of room. Watch and listen for them and everybody and everything will be able to enjoy this little piece of paradise right in the middle of the city.

Poison Oak Berries, Rose Canyon

Watch out for poison oak too, and teach your kids what it looks like.

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