San Diego Trails: Ramona Waterfall


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San Diego Trails: Ramona Waterfall

Ramona Waterfall Hike is just perfect for a warm day in the spring or early summer. Just picture the scene, working up a real sweat on the 4.2 mile hike then jumping into a cool pool of water while a waterfall cascades from the rocks, in fact there’s not only a waterfall but also a rope swing to jump off or, alternatively, a bunch of high ledges. Although the trail is pretty easy on the way down towards the waterfall, just remember that what goes down has to climb back up again. Make sure that you’ve got the right sort of footwear, and remember to take it off before you go in the water. Do you really want to climb all the way back up in wet boots . . . . no, I didn’t think so! Why not pack a pair of flip-flops in your backpack with your towel and your sandwiches . . . what a good idea, why didn’t you think of that? Take plenty of water to drink too, and a hat and sunscreen just to be on the safe side.

Ramona Waterfall is very popular so don’t expect to have the place to yourselves on high days and holidays, but it’s so beautiful that you can understand why so many people love it there.

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