San Diego Trails: Otay Mountain

Otay Mountain road, fallen rock and mtb
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San Diego Trails: Otay Mountain

A trek up Otay Mountain is not for the faint hearted, it’s long (around 16 miles), it’s strenuous, it climbs 2,500 feet to the summit of 3,566 feet and it’ll take you most of the day, but boy is it worth it when you get to the summit. As if the mountain itself wasn’t challenge enough, you’ll also feel a little like you’re being used for target practice by the members of the South Bay Rod and Gun Club. Now then, we’ve been assured that hikers are not in any danger as long as they stick to the trail and wear brightly colored clothing, no camouflage gear ok? Actually, I went to buy a camouflage jacket the other day but I couldn’t find one – ha ha, the old ones are still the best.

Otay Mountain Truck Trail

A large part of the trek actually follows the road of the Otay Mountain Truck trail which is therefore well maintained by bikes and other vehicles, but which also means that you need to have your wits about you. What with being shot at and the potential for being run over, I told you it wasn’t for the faint hearted didn’t I?  If you manage to get to the summit you will be so glad that you did, the views are breathtaking and you’ll feel really proud of your achievement.

So just to be sure: set off early in the morning so that you can be sure to be back before it gets dark, take plenty of food and drink with you and wear brightly colored clothing. Enjoy!

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