San Diego Trails: Monserate Mountain Trail

San Diego Trails: Monserate Mountain Trail

Monserate Mountain Trail in Fallbrook really does offer a workout with a view. It’s not short and sweet, but it’s definitely short and steep.  The trail really is pretty steep so is not really suitable for small children or those who are looking for something a little less strenuous, but if you’re up to the job then the climb is truly great. Many people actually use the Monserate Mountain Trail as a bit of a training exercise before they tackle something bigger, you see it’s pretty tough but at a little less than 2 miles to the top it’s not a “mountain too far”.  Dogs must be kept on a leash (handy for pulling you up the hills – but be careful on the way back down, ah, no brakes).

The Monserate Mountain Trail is particularly spectacular in the spring time, when there are plenty of wild flowers lining the trail and beautiful butterflies floating around and taking your mind off panting.

There are two different summits on the Monserate Mountain Trail (one of them is flat and brilliant for picnics) offering differing views of the surrounding mountains, you get a great view of Palomar Mountain and you might even see the ocean on a good day.

Not sure about the music on this one – maybe you should turn your volume down a little but the scenery is fantastic so I couldn’t resist . . .

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