San Diego Trails: Lawson Peak

Lawson Summit
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San Diego Trails: Lawson Peak

Lawson Peak is a great granite boulder located at the southern end of the Cleveland National Forest and the trail to it can be either a moderately challenging hike or a full-on rock climbing adventure, depending on how high you intend to go.

The first part of the trail is a couple of miles of dirt road with great views of mountain ranges (as you would expect) that parts quite gentle really (watch out for the 4×4’s, they like it here too!). The trail then heads onwards and upwards as you start to climb higher and higher, there’s a great granite area which slopes gently north a little way up, a great place to catch some afternoon rays if you’re a bit tired from all of the effort.

Lawson Peak climbs to around 3,600 feet above sea level, so if you intend to do some serious rock climbing and ascend to the top, it goes without saying that the temperatures are likely to be a bit lower up there than they were on the granite rock surface so be prepared for that. The wind can get pretty gusty at times too.

After you’ve reached the summit of Lawson Peak you will notice another, higher boulder which is just asking to be climbed. This is something which only the experienced and truly energetic should attempt. Watch out for snakes and spiders as you clamber across the rocks. The trail is fairly obvious but there’s more to come, a vertical rock cave which you will need to climb through and up, if you can’t manage to pull yourself up there it’s the end of the road for you my friend.

Lawson Peak presents quite a challenge for all levels of hiking and rock climbing, so just be careful not to attempt anything which is beyond your limits.

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