San Diego Trails: Guy Fleming Trail

San Diego Trails: Guy Fleming Trail

Guy Fleming Trail in the Torrey Pines Natural State Reserve is the perfect choice for those who just want a short, easy stroll with remarkable views, trees and wildflowers, you can even manage it in your flip flops if you so wish. The loop is around two-thirds of a mile and can easily be navigated in less than an hour, now that’s what I call an easy stroll. 

Guy Fleming Trail

So what can you expect to see while you stroll along the Guy Fleming Trail. Well, you get a great view of the ocean for starters, with La Jolla to the south and Torrey Pines State Beach to the north, as well as Del Mar and the fabulous San Dieguito Lagoon on a clear day. You’ll also see lots of Torrey pines, or Pinus torreyana to give them their Sunday name, the pines after which the park is named. This rare evergreen pine only grows in two places and this is one of them.  The trees are twisted and shaped distinctively, that’s what comes from living your life at the mercy of the ocean breezes 24 hours a day.

There’s a real abundance of wild flowers on the trail too, at the right time of the year. Look out for the yellow rock rose, purple wild snapdragon, red Mexican pink and the red Indian paintbrush, among many others.

Guy Fleming Trail really is suitable for all and is just a great way to spend an hour or so. Why not give it a go, you’ll love it. The head of the trail is between Del Mar and La Jolla, go up to the top of the hill on Torrey Pines Park Road and you’ll spot the parking area, just to the west before the visitor center.

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