San Diego Trails: Elfin Forest

San Diego Trails: Elfin Forest

Elfin Forest isn’t a forest and there aren’t any elves there (not that I’ve spotted anyway, but hey ho, I’d be happily corrected!), it’s named after the local rural community of  . . . . Elfin Forest. The Elfin Forest trail isn’t actually very long but size isn’t everything right?

If you want to ride, or hike the Elfin Forest trail, there’s only one way to go – up, yes, it’s actually called The Way Up trail, I wonder if there’s another one called The Way Down. Anyway, The Way Up trail is the main trail through Elfin Forest, there’s a reservoir project which has closed some of the original trails, and much of the habitat was destroyed in the 2007 fires, but don’t let that put you off, it’s still a great place. The hike up is a little less than 1 and a half miles and climbs around 700 feet so it’s pretty steep, but the fantastic views and the cooling air coming across from the Pacific make it a very pleasant place to be.

ElfinForest-24DEC04-WayUpPan.jpg (572456 bytes)

Once you get to the top of the Way Up trail, the world flattens out a bit and there are several other trails leading off in different directions. You can choose to follow the Enquine Incline Loop Trail which has some great downhill bits for mountain bikes, as well as some pretty technical obstacles for anyone who likes a challenge.  If you follow this trail, after a couple of miles you’ll get to a great viewpoint where the trail meets Tyke’s Hike Trail, if you take a right, on a clear day you’ll have splendid views of downtown San Diego, Point Loma, Coronado Islands, La Jolla as well as the Cuyamaca and San Jacinto Mountains. How about all of that in one view?

Sounds a bit puffed, I hope he’s near to the top!

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