San Diego Trails: Double Peak

San Diego Trails: Double Peak

Double Peak is the second highest peak in the San Marcos Cerro de las Posas mountains, reaching a height of 1644 feet. There’s a great trail which starts from Discovery Lake, climbing the 2.5 miles to the peak, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean with numerous coastal lagoons to the west, as well as Mount Baldy, Old Greyback, San Jacinto Peak and the wonderful Palomar mountains, also the Cuyamacas, and the San Dieguito River Valley. All of that from one peak, wow, it’s a bit like the top of the world.

The 5 mile round trip to Double Peak is suitable for hiking, experienced equestrians, experienced cyclists and cross country runners. The first part is paved so that’s easy but it does get a little more difficult as you get further along, with an elevation gain of around 1000′. Dogs are permitted as long as they are kept on a leash, and do take plenty of water along with you, climbing to Double Peak is pretty thirsty work.  

The trail head starts at Lakeview Park in Discovery Hills, just off Foxhall.  You just need to cross over the bridge and the Discovery Lake dam, then head on up the paved road towards the new development. Watch out for a water tank after a while, the trail passes just to the left side of it.

You’ll be able to spot loads of native shrubs on your hike, including California Lilac, White and Black Sage, Coyote Bush and Scrub Oak, as well as plenty more.

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