San Diego Trails: Anderson Truck Trail

San Diego Trails: Anderson Truck Trail

Anderson Truck Trail is an old jeep trail (although a jeep obviously hasn’t been on here for quite a few years) which is around 8 miles long, but it really doesn’t take too long to complete it at all if you’re on a mountain bike (which seems to be one of the most usual ways to travel the trail). The first half of it is simply old jeep trails, although it does get a bit more tricky and technical further on. There’s a pretty long climb which is great training, a bit tricky in places but nothing too difficult, and of course, what goes up must come back down again – the downhills are great mountain biking fun.

Anderson Truck Trail is in Alpine, around 20 miles to the east of San Diego, close to the town of Alpine.  Simply take the Interstate 8 East as far as the Harbison Canyon exit, then go straight along onto Alpine Blvd, to Peutz Valley Road  under the freeway. You can park under the freeway bridge although do be careful not to leave too many belongings on show in your car as there have been instances of them being broken into while you’re off on your travels.  Head on up the road for a little less than a mile and keep your eyes open for a trail leading off to the left. Just be warned that the old entrance to the trail is now closed due to private property issues, but you can join it a little further along with no problems at all. 

Anderson Truck Trail might start off downhill but you’ll soon come across a pretty steep 2.5 mile climb, however, the higher you get the better the view so it is worthwhile.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to see El Captain Reservoir (beautiful) and when you get right to the top there’s a great dirt area with lots more trails leading off.

Pan Shot of Anderson Truck Trail

Wow, told you there was a great view!

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