How To Buy A Mountain Bike

Buying the right mountain bike can be a bit frustrating, so you need to make sure that you follow a few rules and get exactly the mountain bike you really need, as well as the best you can for the price you can afford!

How to Buy a Mountain Bike

Getting out on the open trail is a fantastic way to see the countryside, to be at one with nature, to get fit in the fresh mountain air and have great fun with family and friends. It’s also not for the faint hearted (depending on how brave/crazy you are).

So what are the main things to take into consideration when buying your new mountain bike?

Mountain Bike Cost – I know it’s boring but realistically, many of our choices in life are determined by how much we can afford to pay aren’t they? We’re always drawn to our “favorite” and that “favorite” always seems to have the most expensive price tag, in just about everything, but you have to be realistic. The prices of mountain bikes vary so much, and you don’t really need the most expensive one just to get out and enjoy yourself. Set yourself a budget of what you can afford and stick to it (well, as near as you can anyway!)

Where to Buy Your Mountain Bike – now I know I’ve just said that you don’t need to spend a fortune, but it’s not always the best idea to go to a cheap department store either. If you support your local bicycle store you’ll get a much better service and some real honest advice on which will suit you – that’s the plan anyway.

What Mountain Bike do you Need – mountain bikes are designed to go over a lot of different types of terrain, which type of terrain will you be riding on the most?  Will it be mostly smooth trail riding, are you more of a rugged mountain path type of person, what about a bit of cross country racing? You see, just as there are different “horses for courses” there are different “bikes for trails” – I know it doesn’t rhyme but give me a break!

Do you want a Mountain Bike with Suspension – most people (especially those who don’t have their own built in suspension – does my bum look big on this?) would recommend that, if you can possibly afford it, buy a mountain bike with full suspension. Hardtails might often be a bit cheaper and even easier to pedal, but it just depends on how many hours you’re planning to spend in the saddle. Think comfort or suffer the consequences – ouch!

When to buy your Mountain Bike – mountain bike prices do fluctuate throughout the year, so maybe if you’re not in too much of a hurry you could wait until the sales have started for a real bargain. You’ll probably find that they are a bit cheaper in the fall or winter (except at Christmas) You can also find good deals on old models (who cares!) As I’ve mentioned before though, you’ll probably find that paying a little bit more for good advice at a reputable bicycle store will pay you in the long run.

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