How To Buy A Mountain Bike Helmet

How To Fit A Mountain Bike Helmet

OK, so now you know how to make sure that your new mountain bike helmet fits ok, but you still need to know how to go about buying one!

How to Buy a Mountain Bike Helmet

Where – you can buy mountain bike helmets at any sports store, and you’ll probably find a good selection at your local discount store too. Prices start from only $10 or maybe $15 in the discount stores, and around $30 in a sports store. A small price to pay for your head don’t you think?

Which – There isn’t a lot of evidence to say that more expensive helmets are necessarily safer, although they might have a few more features for added comfort. As long as your mountain bike helmet has the necessary CPSC sticker to prove that it has passed the minimum safety requirements, that will do just fine, oh, and the other important thing, it’s got to fit correctly. It won’t do you much good if it’s slopping about your head or falls off before you do!

Fitting – if you’ve watched the video (which video? the one at the top of the page) then you’ll know all about fitting your mountain bike helmet properly. Like the man says it needs to come down over your forehead, (it’s no good if it tilts back) and should also cover the back of your head. Many mountain bike helmets come with pieces foam on the inside which can be attached or removed by velcro, for extra adjustment.

Design – Mountain bike helmets are very similar to the normal road type bicycle helmet, although some of them do have a visor fitted. They need to be lightweight, with plenty of vents to keep your head cool and comfortable, but just remember that the more vents you have the less helmet there is to save you if you do have an accident. You need to find a happy medium. Color is important, not just to match your shorts or your mountain bike, but nice bright colors are much easier to see for other road users (you won’t be up a mountain all the time). Be safe, be seen.

Easy to Use – mountain bike helmets are designed so that you can easily unfasten them with one hand. Try this in the store before you make your final choice, after all, if your helmet is comfortable and easy to use, you’ll be less likely to forget to wear it.

How long will it last? – what many people don’t think about is that mountain bike helmets are designed to withstand one impact, after which, although it might look the same it won’t offer the same amount of protection. For this reason, if you are involved in any accident involving your head and your helmet, you do need to buy a replacement helmet, just to be on the safe side. Of course, if you don’t have an accident a good mountain bike helmet can last up to 5 years, but check out the buckles and straps frequently for any signs of wear and tear.

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