Advantages of a Hydration Pack

The Advantages Of A Hydration Pack

  • Convenience: No slowing down or stopping to reach for a bottle. Just grab the sip tube, gulp and go.
  • Efficiency: You tend to drink more often when it is convenient and that leads to efficiency of staying well hydrated.



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Choosing A Hydration Pack

  • If you are a Day hikers, backpackers, climbers then you need a reservoir only (2 or 3 liters), or hiker-specific hydration pack.
  • If you are a trail runner, racer or fitness walker, you need the waistpack or minimalist (1L) hydration pack.
  • If you are a speedy road cyclists fo with a small pack or no pack; traditionalists may prefer bottles.
  • If you are a recreational bike rider then try a sleek pack with 1L to 2L reservoir.
  • If you are a mountain biker the large pack with a 2L to 3L reservoir will work.
  • If you are a snowboarder or skier stick with a small to medium pack, 2L reservoir; insulated sip tubes.

Here is a winter tip if you take your hydration to the mountains

How To Select The Right Reservoir Volume For You

Size 1L or 1.5L (34 or 50 fluid ounces): A good choice for minimalists, kids and weight-conscious recreational riders.

Size 2L (68 fl. oz.): A popular balance of reasonable weight and bulk.

Size 3L (102 fl. oz.): Made for events that require lots of water such as multi day trips or intense weather.

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